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Mumbai Pune Cab Service

Mumbai Pune Cab Service

Mumbai is an urban area in Maharashtra state, in here state capital Mumbai and its satellite towns. The entire area is overseen by the MMRDA Maharashtra state government organization in charge of town planning, developing, transportation and housing in the region. The areas outside of Greater Mumbai and Navi Mumbai have required organization development.

 There are 5 best interesting place to visit Mumbai:
1. Gateway of India:

It is most popular tourist attraction in Mumbai and the most visited placed in Mumbai. Every day, thousands of tourists visit this beautiful and historical masterpiece. Pune to Mumbai cab is the best service provider for tourists.

2. Essel World:

It is a popular amusement park in India based in Mumbai; it is one of the largest theme parks in India. It is also under the attraction part of Mumbai. To visit their Pune Mumbai cabs is service provider who gives services in very affordable rate.

3. Haji Ali Dargah:

It is the most religious place s for Muslims in India. This Dargah is visited by Indian celebrities from time to time for prayer. Pune to Mumbai cool cab helps to visit Haji Ali Dargah in very affordable price. It is generally visited by bollywood celebrities for their film success.
4. Marine Drive:

Pune airport to Mumbai cab provide many services in which includes marine drive it is a 4.3 km natural sound in Mumbai which is one of the richest areas in city. It is connect with the Mumbai popular business points like Malabar Hill, Nariman Point and others. 

 5. Siddhivinayak Temple:

 It is Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shri Ganesh, situated in Prabhadevi area in the Mumbai city. It is also one of richest temple in Mumbai for visit their Pune airport to Mumbai cabs provide services with many offers.

There are 3 amazing place visits near a Mumbai and Pune

1. Thosegar falls, near Satara:

It is one of the most beautiful places near Mumbai and Pune, The booming waterfall is in close district to Satara, the valley of flowers in Maharashtra. From Pune Thosegar falls is 134.7 Kms and from Mumbai 277.5 Kms. The very easiest way to go Thosegar with  Mumbai Pune cab service is very affordable.
2. Tapola:

It is proudly known as the Kashmir of western coast, the drive from Mahableshwar to Tapola is grand, fresh and provides an in quantity reach. This is peaceful place around Pune and Mumbai in monsoon. The distance from Pune to Tapola is 150 Kms and from Mumbai 300 Kms the way to go Tapola with the help of Mumbai Pune cab service.
3. Bhimshankar:

It is frequented by road trip lovers for its dramatic and attractive routes. It is also bestowed by breath taking natural beauty making it popular monsoon gateway from Pune to Mumbai. To visit Bhimshankar is affordable through Pune airport to Mumbai car is very best way.

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Exploring All Popular Temples In Nashik With Muskan Cabs

Nashik is a city in the northwest of Maharashtra in India. It is located at foothill of the Western Ghats Mountains on the side the river Godavari. On the Godavari River a Panchvati temple complex is located. It is known as the wine capital of India and has some excellent temples and beautiful getaways in and around it. There are nearby destination like Igatpuri and Jawhar which is popular getaways’ from Mumbai. It’s a major city of Maharashtra.

There are many places and temples to visit in Nashik like Kalaram Temple, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Navshya Ganpati Temple, Ganga Godaveri temple, and Mukti Dham Temple, Jain Mandir, etc. And places like Sita Gufa, Panchvati, Trimbakeshwer, Pandavaleni Caves, Dudhsagar falls, Deolali camp, etc.

Temples in Nashik 
Kalaram Temple

It is a one of the largest and simple temple built in 1790 by Sardar Odhekar of Peshwa. Kalaram Temple is made by complete black stones, which has four doors facing East, West, South and North and the summit made up of gold. Hire a cab in Mumbai to visit temples in Nashik.

The temple got the name Kalaram Mandir as the Idol of lord of Ram is of a black color and the “Kalash” is made of 32 tons of gold. Nearby is the Sita Gupha where Devi Sita is said to have stayed during her eviction. The most important thing about the Kalaram Temple is located in the Panchvati area. There are great celebration and Utsav on festivals like Ramnavmi, Dasara and Chaitra Padwa.

 Kapaleeshwar Temple

Kapaleeshwar temple was built in 7th centuary by the Pallavas. The original kapaleeswar temple was built where Santhome Church is located currently in Chennai. It is the ancient Lord Shiva temples on the side of river Godavari in Nashik is well known as Lord Kapaleeshwar Mahadev Temple. This is a dedicated to Lord Shiva the idol of Nandi is placed facing main avatar. Nandi is Guru of Mahadev at this because Nandi cannot ahead temple Kapaleeshwar is among the very oldest temple one in the town. Book a cab in Nashik to visit Kapaleeshwar Temple

Navsya Ganpati Temple

Navsya Ganpati Temple built in the year 1774; it is famous for providing “Jagrut Darshan”to the admirer. It is situated on flow of river Godavari at Anandvalli, on the road going towards Someshwar called Gangapur. The idol of Lord Ganpati was placed by Anandibai and though there was destruction of the place of Raghoba Peshwa by British Empire in 1818, the temple remained undamaged. This temple has a history of more than 300 years and the idol is very attractive especially the eye which are very beautiful. Nashik to Mumbai taxi takes you there for Navsya Ganpati Temple. The calmness and serenity of the river Godavari add the peaceful atmosphere of this place. This place is worth a visit and people say that they experience a feeling of religion here.

Ganga Godaveri Temple

Shree Ganga Godaveri Temple is located at Nashik at Ramkund on Tuesday people opens its doors after 12 years. It is the only temple which opens to travelers with the 12 year Kumbh mela cycle in Nashik. Beside the Shree Ganga Godaveri Temple, there are a total of 108 temples around Ramkund. Around eight km away is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman in Ajneri hills. There is Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman are believed to have spent a few years during their 14 year long separate. People take Darshan”to of this temple after taking bath in river.

Mukti Dham Temple

It is a popular tourist attraction located in the Nashik Road suburb in state Maharashtra. The temple is founded in the year 1971. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in the Mukti Dham complex. There is also the idol of all Hindu gods like Vishnu, Laxmi Rama, Laxman, Sita, Hanuman, Durga, and Ganesha. Thousand of Hindu traveller visit Mukti Dham temple during Kumbh Mela.

Jain Mandir

It is dedicated to Jain saints, there is a three beautiful stories temple complex situated at Vilholi which is about 12 km away from Nashik. It is also known as Shree Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth. The temple is decorate with the idols of the 24th jain Tirtthankar.There are many nearby attractions like Sula Vineyards, Deolali, Someshwar, Pandavleni Caves, Panchavati and Sita Gumpha.

Place in Nashik
Sita Gumpha

It is believed to be the place from where Sita was Kidnapped by the beast king Ravana situated near the five Banyan trees in panchavati at the western side door of Kalaram Temple. The cave consist the idols of Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshmana, can be available only through the help of a narrow steps. There are many attractive paces nearby Sita Gumpha like Panchvati, Kalaram Mandir, Naroshankar temple, Bhaktidham temple, and Ramkund, Sula Vineyards, etc. The mythology of Ramayana attached with the place make it very historical. If you are a Mumbai resident just book a cab in Mumbai to visit these entire temple.


Panchvati is the religious place on the northern part of river Godavari at a distance of 5 km from Nashik. The name is Panchvati derived from the Sanskrit Panca Five Vata Banyan Tree. The area of five Banyan trees is located on the flow of River Godaveri in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. In the Panchvati there are many places to visit like Sita Gumpha, Kalaram Mandir, and Naroshankar Temple. The tourist spots situated in the locality of Panchvati. People frequently vist here, since this place has outstanding place in the epic.


It is an ancient Hindu Temple in the town of Trimbak, in the Trimbakeshwar tehsil in Nashik. Trimbakeshwar is a traditional center having one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The Jyotirlingas located in three faces Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra. All the Jyotirlingas have Shiva as the main idol. Three source of the Godaveri start from the Brahmagiri Mountain. Outside the temple just in front of entrance gate, one can see few coes self pray the grass. This is the traditional place to perform Shradha ceremony like Narayan nagbali as per Nirnaya sindhu a religious book of Hindus.

Pandavleni Caves

These caves are 2000 years old and it was a build by Jain Kings. Pandavleni Caves are group of 24 Hinayana Buddhist caves the location of the cave is holy Buddhist site and it is situated about 8 km south of Nashik. The cave has idols of Buddha, Jain Teerthankara Vrishabhdeo, and the icon of Bodhisattva, Veer Manibhadraji and Ambikadevi. There are attractive water tanks that are very skillfully shape into the rock. This place is rally quit and peaceful and the major part of Nashik sees from the top of cave.

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mumbai to nashik car

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